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Quiz anyone?

1st Q!



Snow Men Cake Balls


Cute.  Fun.  Cute.  Yummy.  Cute.  Pretty easy.  Did I mention CUTE?


Anyways, let us get down to business!  Ugh!  My pictures won’t load!!



1 cake

1 cup (8 oz.) frosting

Black and white candy melts

1 bag regular sized marshmallows

1 package chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos are probably the best choice!)

Candy corn

Black edible food marker


Use the cake ball/pop method to get started.  When I am talking about the candy melts in the document, I mean the white ones.  Before the cake balls or pops dry, stab a piece of candy corn into the ball.  This will be the nose. The Cake Ball/pop Method 

For the face: You already have done the nose.  Now, simply use the edible black food marker to draw the eyes and mouth.


For the top hats:  Melt the black candy melts.  Completely coat the marshmallows in it.  Discard the cream filling from the sandwich cookies.  Save to eat later.  Dip the bottoms of the cookies into the candy melts as well.  Stick the marshmallows on the cookies.  Before the coating drys onto the bottoms of the cookies, stick it onto the top of the cake ball.  Let dry.


Ta-da!  You have 2 choices now.  1.  Hide yourself away and devour them. Or 2. Share them with friends and family!

Hope you have fun with these!




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